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Angels Walk Among Us - Cooped Up Series

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Angels Walk Among Us was inspired by an episode of Love On The Spectrum that I watched on day one of iso. In it, a character called Mark defended Australia's infamous Ibis, which is often referred to as a "bin chicken", due to it's habit of picking through rubbish bins. Like Mark, I also believe the Ibises are beautiful misunderstood creatures. Not common in my part of Australia, I passed a lot of these guys on my way to work during my time making a TV show interstate.

Angels Walk Among Us is painting 1 of the Cooped Up series.

This two-colour signed and numbered painting is limited to a run of 50 and made to order. It is hand-cut and hand-sprayed on archival quality, acid free, 224gsm paper. As such, each piece is unique, with it's own individual (im)perfections. The lightly grained textured hand-cut paper approximately measures 32cm x 32cm. It is sold unframed and is shipped flat-packed in a rigid envelope.