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Golden Years (Strawberry Shirt)

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Golden Years. 2021.

A reimagining of the classic Steve Schapiro photo of David Bowie. Both Schapiro and Bowie were prolific and ever-evolving artists; two traits I admire most in creative people. I also admire any artist that can embrace the flaws in their work, and not erase the humanity in a fool’s errand for perfection. Bowie would leave wrong notes or even fluffed lyrics in his recordings if the performance felt real. He recognized that it’s often those moments of imperfection that connect with an audience, inviting them in. With that in mind, this painting is a celebration of one human, but also of all humanity.

This four-colour hand-sprayed painting on white paper is limited to a run of 25 and made to order. They are signed and numbered. They're produced on gorgeous archival quality, acid free, 300gsm paper. As such, each piece is unique, with its own individual (im)perfections. The medium grained textured paper is made in France and approximately measures 25cm x 36cm. It is sold unframed and is shipped flat in a rigid envelope.