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Ready To Party - Cooped Up Series

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Ready To Party features the Australian Galah, the gimp of the bird world. "Galah" is used in Australia as a derogatory term, akin to "idiot". This particular painting captures my stupid excitement about escaping isolation and seeing my friends again. It's my personal favourite of the series. I think it pairs really well with Incognito.

Ready To Party is painting 13 of the Cooped Up series. 

This two-colour signed and numbered painting is limited to a run of 50 and made to order. It is hand-cut and hand-sprayed on archival quality, acid free, 224gsm paper. As such, each piece is unique, with its own individual (im)perfections. The lightly grained textured hand-cut paper approximately measures 32cm x 32cm. It is sold unframed and is shipped flat-packed in a rigid envelope.