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Swan Song - Cooped Up Series

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Swan Song features the Australian Black Swan, one of my favourite birds. They represent personal power, or taking control of your situation. On day 11 of iso, I was feeling that vibe despite the lonely conditions. I love the way the gas mask continues the line of the swan and the apocalyptic image oddly captures this bizarre time perfectly.

Swan Song is painting 11 of the Cooped Up series. 

This two-colour signed and numbered painting is limited to a run of 50 and made to order. It is hand-cut and hand-sprayed on archival quality, acid free, 224gsm paper. As such, each piece is unique, with its own individual (im)perfections. The lightly grained textured hand-cut paper approximately measures 32cm x 32cm. It is sold unframed and is shipped flat-packed in a rigid envelope.